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Price Comparison:


Local DCI computer

 a comparable

Mail-Order Dell system.
*on higher-end quality systems/DCI's focus

As people often comment that our prices are much higher than anyone else's, we are herein comparing the most comparable system from Dell (the most comparable reputation-wise company) that most closely matches the specs of our main selling system.  This comparison was done September 15th 2001 and should compare similarly in the future which we are mentioning as we do not plan to constantly update this comparison.

A summary of the specs on the computers
we are comparing include the following components;

* Intel Pentium 4 - 1.8 GHz CPU * 256 Meg,  * 80 Gig 7200 RPM Hard Disk, * CD-RW Drive 24x (write speed), * nVidia GeForce2 video card, * 56.6k Fax Modem, * 10/100 Network Adapter, * Firewire, * USB 2.0 ports,  * 17" Flat Screen Monitor, * Windows XP Professional, * Win9x Keyboard, * Optical Wheel Mouse, * 6 Channel Sound Card, * Good Speakers with subwoofer, * Plenty of room for expansion, * Installed and setup on-site.

Keep in mind that the closest comparable Dell system
(detailed below) still differs in the following points:

Support Differences;

Ø We setup ALL your software and transfer all your data and keep a backup of your full setup.

Ø Should you call for support you get in touch with the person you want to talk to and quickly. Thus we are much more direct, more accessible, local.

Ø When you call us for support we are willing to give advise on items we did not supply,  and since we are more familiar with your full setup so can better support you.

Ø Should you call for support you get in touch with the person you want to talk to and quickly. Thus we are much more direct, more accessible, local.

Ø We are truthful about providing fast on-site service.

Ø Our computer cannot be damaged in shipping as we do not ship it we deliver it.

Ø Presales: When you order a computer from us we inquire about your needs and better insure the system you get will meet your needs like; the proper Operating System (version of Windows), compatibility with other hardware and software you may want to use.  We provide training based upon your level of expertise upon delivery that often helps the buyer get more use and enjoyment out of their computer. We frequently find they sell people the wrong operating system for their needs.  Now they are pushing the Pentium 4 system based upon slower i845 chipset and slower RAM since this allows them to cut about $50 off the price of a system, but they do not mention that it often costs the buyer a loss in performance of anywhere from 10% to 50% as shown in common benchmarks you can find posted on the Internet. Such practices prove to us that they are only interested in the bottom line and volume rather than getting you the best computer for the price or for your needs.

Hardware Differences;

Ø The hardware we provide is not proprietary and thus you are not limited on replacement or upgrade parts to any one source.  Thus the prices and availability of such parts are not dictated by one source.

Ø Better CD-RW Drive.  We use the top rated Plextor brand which includes burn-proof technology and has proven itself to be a more reliable drive.

Ø Better Mouse:  We include Microsoft's Optical Wheel mouse.  Since it has no ball it will not get clogged up and start sticking.

Ø Non Proprietary Case, Motherboard, Power Supply.  We do not lock you into one source for repairs or upgrades. And since they use proprietary source that also means you can not get full support from any one source as they will not support your full computer with peripheral hardware devices and full software setup and no one else can swap out and test parts since many of the parts they used are only available from them.

Ø The Hard Disk we quoted is a 80 Gig 7200 RPM Hard Disk so 35 Gig Larger.

Ø Notice their system includes Integrated Network adapter and Integrated sound; thus read low quality cheap sound card and proprietary design. We added a decent sound card to theirs to make it comparable, but their integrated sound card still may get in the way should you need to reconfigure the software setup.

Software Differences;

Ø The software setup we provide is much more organized, and includes the latest operating system critical updates.  Our software setup is more optimized as we do not load excess background tasks that slow down the systems performance and reliability.  We will keep a backup of your final full setup for easier restore should anything go wrong.  We include routines to backup your data if you purchased any recommended backup device including CD-RW drive.  We include automatic backup routines that backup your system files. We provided add accessory program they provide real added value.  For all the details please read see our Why DCI Page.

Ø We give you the option get Microsoft Word for $99 or Office Small Business for $189 they had no such option on this system. Whereas they usually bundle such on their lower lines the did not offer such on this system, thus it would cost you a lot more to buy Office separately.

Ø There are many more advantages we provide
please read the Why DCI Page for Full Details.



Why we chose Dell and their Optiplex Model:

We chose Dell's because Dell is the highest rated in national poll's on customer satisfaction, although no where near as high on percentage of satisfied customer as us since 100% of our customers are satisfied whereas here are links to many of Dell customers that are not). We chose Dell's Optiplex GX400 model because it is their most comparable desktop to our main seller s in terms of expandability and according to the Dell sales person and their web site provides the lower cost if ownership (which does not mean lowest initial price), also because they list it for businesses and recommend it for the more serious consumers.  In order to better compare our systems I included their options for comprehensive setup as shown below.  Bear in mind though that their comprehensive setup is no where near as comprehensive as what we include and bundle in all systems we sell.  Also they do not include support on questions dealing with the operating system (which many support question have to do with in some respect), but offer for an extra $199/year phone support on operating system questions.  We did not add that cost to their system we are comparing to as we provide phone support on such questions for as long as you own the computer and if we added $199 per year you own it well that alone would tilt the cost tremendously in our favor and thus be unrealistic.  Also I found, as included below, that they do charge state sales tax on all business systems.  You can (or could) find the Dell systems on their web site under Small Business, Desktops, Optiplex and look for the model that uses a Pentium 4 CPU and PC800 RDRAM. Which is their model GX400 and was at this link, then configure it to reasonable and comparable specifications and you should come up with the following details;

Inserted copy of the most comparable Dell System:
Model Optiplex GX400
The following was Cut and Pasted from Dell's Web Site

  Date: Saturday, September 15, 2001 1:28:01 PM CDT
    Catalog Number: 04 04
    OptiPlex GX400 MiniTower: GX400 Pentium® 4 Processor, 1.5GHz, 256K Cache, Integrated NIC & Integrated Sound
15X40TH - [280-3930]
    Memory: 256MB PC800 RDRAM (2 RIMMS)
256E82 - [311-1966]
    Keyboards: Quietkey PS/2 Spacesaver Keyboard with 3 Programmable Hot Keys in Gray
QK - [310-0762]
    Monitors: Dell 17 inch P793 Diamondtron™ NF color monitor (16.0 viewable)
P793 - [320-4103]
    Video Solution: NVIDIA GeForce 2 GTS Graphics Card,32MB
32AGP - [320-4194]
    First Hard Drive: 40GB EIDE Hard Drive (7200 RPM)
40 - [340-7852]
    Floppy Drive: 1.44MB Floppy Drive
3 - [340-7855]
    Operating System: Windows® 98 2nd Edition® with CD using FAT32
982E2 - [420-8810]
    Mouse: Microsoft IntelliMouse (wheelmouse) PS/2
IM - [310-8273]
    Modem: Dell V.90 PCI DataFax Modem for Windows
56K - [313-4411]
    First Removable Media: 16X Max, CD-RW
CDRW16 - [313-6002]
    Sound Card: Sound Blaster Live! Value (512 Voice) Sound Card
SBL - [313-0427]
    Speakers: harmon kardon 395 Speakers with Subwoofer
HK395 - [313-4547]
    Documentation: Resource CD contains Diagnostics & Drivers for OptiPlex Systems
RESORCD - [313-7168]
    Microsoft Office Bundled Software: Option Not Available on this System,Optiplex
NOMSB - [460-2963]
    Hardware Support Service: PROMO! 3 Yr Same-Day 4 Hr 5x10 On-site Service, SAVE UP TO $60
OPTI99 - [950-0090] [950-0092]
    Installation Support Service: Comprehensive Install
WCOMP2 - [900-2153]
    Mouse Pad: Mouse Pad
MPAD - [310-3559]
    Web Tracking Code: Web Tracking Code for Internal Use
WWW - [460-9052]
   Your Price  
Tax and shipping will be provided in the cart.
Cart items to buy now    Qty.   Unit Price    Total     
    OptiPlex GX400 MiniTower
GX400 Pentium® 4 Processor, 1.5GHz, 256K Cache, Integrated NIC
& Integrated Sound
  $2,381.00   $2,381.00  
  Discounts and Coupons Total
Save $150 on Optiplex GX400 in the Small Business division. -$150.00
Sub-total   $2,381.00  
Discounts   -$150.00
Shipping   $95.00  
Tax   $93.04
Total Price   $2,419.04

* Note Their sale price quoted above was $2,231 which equals Subtotal 2,381 - $150


Ø How the costs compare:

Note we have not updated this comparison lately, but the relative comparison range is still valid on their business systems

Dell's Price $2,381 less $150 Discount they were offering + least costly shipping they offered $95 + State Tax they charge on this system $93.04  comes to $2,419.04.  Our DCI system price comes to $2,399 (from our system configuration worksheet) Plus Tax = $2,614.91 (unless you are tax exempt).  So the DCI computer currently costs $195 (8%) more initially (we find our systems typically costs much less over its life), but you get an Industry Standard (non-proprietary) computer with fast really direct and local support and many more extras as mentioned above that can really make all the difference in your overall and long term satisfaction with your computer, also our system includes a larger hard disk, better mouse and a better brand CD-RW drive.  Furthermore; as Dell does not offer a Microsoft Office bundle with this model (as do we, at our cost $210)  if the customer wanted to buy same they would have to get it retail $450 at Amazon plus shipping and you install it and cleanup after, so in such a case our system would cost $27 less, plus we pre-install Office for you.

As for comparing our system to the other low cost systems (like perhaps Gateway and Dell's Dimension series) that save you on the initial purchase price - our response is that we do not sell low-end highly integrated proprietary computers with limited support.  Such computers usually end up costing much more than their initial purchase price and often leave the purchaser dissatisfied and we are not interested in having dissatisfied customers.  As we buy each component separately and pick only top notch components it does not make sense for us to try to compete on price.  If we cut corners and used low end integrated video and sound cards, cheaper cases, off brand CPUs, slower RAM etc we might be able to cut a maximum of $300 (12%) off the price of a custom built computer and it is not worth the added support involved in dealing with lower quality components, and sacrificing reliability, performance our customer satisfaction.  We do not charge more because we are cocky, we charge more because it simply costs more to assemble quality non-proprietary computers; as each part is purchased separately and as we use only highly acclaimed components. Plus we do the whole job the hardware and your software setup. Include basic training, backup solutions and fast on-site service. It bewilders us that so many are willing to spend $30,000 plus for a decent car, but are not willing to spend a reasonable amount on a complete computer package that they will be depending upon to run their business. When comparing similar systems our price is comparable as demonstrated here. If you decide to purchase elsewhere we ask that you compare apples to apples and whatever you decide to purchase we wish to thank you for having given us the opportunity to submit a quote. Also regardless of what you buy please keep us in mind if we can be of any assistance.

Our purpose is the sale and support of quality computers for discerning consumers that desire higher quality computers and support.  We are not a high volume retailer and we are not for everyone's budget.

DCI for;

 Quality (our 1st Concern) over Quantity

Technicians not Salesmen.

Industry Standard Computers - Not Proprietary / One Source Parts

When it comes to Direct - We ARE Direct - as in Local

Full Support and Full Setup


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