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Dave's Pictures:

Dad & Mom & Dad Getting Hitched at HNJ Church - During WWII

My Family – 1959.  I’m the Baby
Is this what families look like in the 50’s?

Still 1959 and still the baby.

My Family – 1996.  Time flies and not the baby anymore.
27 years and quadrupled in size so at this rate?

Used to Ride this in San Diego - Navy Days
Wasn’t great at it, Crashed a lot.
They have improved upon the design much since,
but no mountains here and probably for the best.

I ride these now. 1999  Boys and their Toys.
Playbuoy & Barefoot Supreme w Chevy 454 cu in, 8 cyl.
in the boat house on the Tchfuncte River
.  Both about 15 years old, but Matt keeps them chuggin good.

Water Skiing - About to Jump off a Ski

Made It! - This is what Barefootin looks like from a distance.
Tchfuncte River Covington - 1999

Mrs DC (on the left!) Roan
Barefoot-in on the River about the same
time and general area I was  - circa 1970

Roan (my better half) all grown up on the beast
she mostly rides these days. Snazzy. -  2000

Roan in a Parade 1998ish

Roan, Jesse and Indy – 2000

The Kids - 2000
Indy, Dax & Jesse

Cats on the Roof.  Indy – 2000
This guy is tough to keep down to earth or confined
In 2001 he busted his leg bad needed pins - $1400 worth
The wife’s cat so we fixed the leg.

Jesse (at 8 weeks old) on the high seas - October 2000

Jesse and Dax – 2001
"Lets be Pals"

 “heh heh heh - he falls for it everytime.”

 It’s Good to be King

Snazzy - 1999

Snazzy, Roan & Jesse – Feb 2001
Jesse- “Down Boy”

Snazzy, Roan & Jesse – Feb 2001
Jesse - “No, THIS WAY Yaw’ll”

The previous Store (our 2nd shop)  1st was above Cooter Brown’s
Now a beauty parlor (well at least it beautifies the hood) - 1998
6042 Magazine Street


The Current Crew of DCI
Me, John and Mat
at my Wedding 1993


Two previous Employees at my wedding
Bobby Sparks & Michael O'Reilley (Animal)
They still pitch in at times.
Don't have any pictures of the others

New South Shore Shop – 2001
View Pan 1 of 4

View Pan 2 of 4

View Pan 3 of 4

Shop View Pan 4 of 4

Lost Friends
 “Sam Bones”

Teenager on the Lake 1972ish 16 or 17
with Dunbar St Paul (in front) another missing friend

Cutin-Up w Tommy Brown
another missing friend
1975 / 19ish

Back on the Job - May 2000 44.
Just got back from Sailing in Florida so wearing a tan.

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