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Contact Us:

Accessibility is of utmost importance to us as without it we could loose your confidence and repeat or referral business!

Your best bet is to call 504-717-7917 as this is one of our main business lines and is always forwarded to a cell phone.  Unfortunately Sprint is sometimes overloaded and just takes a message when they can't send the ring out, or we might be on the phone.  If you get an answering machine Please leave a message, name and phone number so we can get right back to you ASAP.  As all calls are forwarded please let it ring at least 6 times.

If you are having problems getting through on 717-7917 you could try 866-2120 and if the Mrs. answers and asks you to call the other number explain to her that you were told to call this number as the other number seems to be out of service.

You can call us any day of the week including holidays, however we ask that if it is not an emergency please call between the hours 9 AM and 7 PM. If you are having a problem with a DCI Computer you purchased from us and would really like assistance immediately feel free to call 717-7917 at any hour.

If you really want to send us some information you can E-mail us, but it could be a while till we check it as we are not frequent E-mail checkers.  So if you really want attention please call!


About Us:

Currently DCI has 3 employees.  Our all time high was 9, but we (the founders and those whom remain) feel the company is more efficient for all concerned and our function at this level. Our current staff consists of Dave, John and Matt pictured below.

Pictures of us at my wedding - May 8 1993

Me – Dave Charbonnet

John Arbour and his wife Michelle

 Matthew McCarthy

My Personal Page

John’s Page

 Matt’s Page

DCI was founded in 1984 by Dave Charbonnet.  At that time I worked out of a shop above Cooter Brown's at the foot of Carrollton Ave.  John Arbour joined the company a few months later.  Matthew ended up stopping by a lot to get some good deals on left-over questionable parts which he would fix and use.  He ended up helping and eventually it was obvious that he was working here.  After four years  we bought a store on Magazine Street where we operated for 11.5 years.  As our business evolved we decided to cut the overhead of a store front as most work was being performed on-site and supporting a store front became impractical.  Our objective has always been the sale and support of quality non- proprietary (all components being available from many manufacturers or distributors at competitive prices) computers combined with exemplary support.  For full detail about DCI please see the Why DCI page.

Previous Employees, some might remember:
Pictures not available at this time.

Bob Sparks, David Moak, Chris Simmons, Marvin Olgleby, Mike O’Reilley,
Colleen Miller, Johnathon Schwinn, Plus a few other short timers.

Links to personal pages of;
Dave, John and Matt

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